Kool & the Gang's Sir Earl Toon supports the Irving Entertainment Center

Published May 5, 2011 by Jonathan Nickerson


That’s what Sir Earl Toon, also known as “Mr. Celebration”, from Kool & the Gang said about the new Entertainment Center coming to Las Colinas in the City of Irving.

He was recently invited to Las Colinas Group’s open house.  When he got there he saw someone he knew, Lou Dickstein, the Chief Entertainment Officer for the center.  They both were unaware that the other would be there and “Oh what a night!” Mr. Dickstein and Sir Toon had much to share with each other.

The project certainly has Sir Earl’s support.  He noted that the center has the essence of a “U.N.” of entertainment located in the “middle of the country” that will attract music fans of “the Old School” and “the New School” with traditional and contemporary genres of music that includes Pop, Country Western, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Alternative Rock, Jazz, Blues, Inspirational, Gospel, Latin, Classical, Rock & Roll and World Music just to name a few.

The City of Irving has gained an “Ambassador of Entertainment” in Sir Earl Toon who will voice his support for the advancement of this phenomenal opportunity for the “People”, the “Entertainers” and the “City” itself.

To Sir Earl this entertainment center is all about family, couples and singles coming to a place that is precisely designed to be a facility that is secure, convenient…and most of all a “stress free” environment for relaxation, comfort, wholesome fun and excitement also done with the kind of quality that has been well planned by those that care about people and the center’s effect on the surrounding communities after it opens.

So if you’re looking for a place to Yahoo!!!...then “Celebrate Good Times C’mon”, like the lyrics and melody written by Sir Earl Toon in the classic song “Celebration” sung by Kool & The Gang.

Please take the time as he did to find out more about the Entertainment center by going to www.lascolinasgroup.com or contact Rhonda at rlifsey@lascolinasgroup.com .  For if you do you too may want to help manifest this project into a world class “Celebration of Entertainment”.